Plaid Cymru canvasser arrested on suspicion of sexual assault after ‘kissing’ woman on her own doorstep

Colin Drury
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North Wales Police said it was investigating  (@nwpolice)
North Wales Police said it was investigating (@nwpolice)

A 77-year-old Plaid Cymru canvasser has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault after allegedly kissing and hugging a woman on her own doorstep.

The campaigner is said to have asked the mother-of-one to go for a drink after giving her a leaflet at her home in the Anglesey town of Holyhead.

When she declined, he is alleged to have grabbed her, kissed her cheek and attempted to kiss her lips.

A Plaid Cymru spokesperson said: “We are aware of an alleged incident involving a volunteer and have taken immediate action to suspend the membership of the individual.

“Plaid Cymru is treating the matter with the utmost seriousness and have been in contact with the family involved. It would be inappropriate to comment further as enquiries continue.”

The alleged incident happened on Monday as the campaigner was attempting to rally support for the area’s current assembly member - and Plaid’s deputy leader - Rhun ap Iorwerth.

Speaking to the North Wales Live website following the incident on Monday, the woman, who is in her 30s, said the canvasser’s grip had been so strong after grabbing her that she had initially been unable to fend him off.

"As he tried to kiss me on the lips, I pushed him away and then he made off,” she said. “I was in shock, so it's a bit of a blur, but he just went off after that."

And she added: “I was very scared. My anxiety is through the roof, I can't open the door to anyone and I've barely slept since it happened.

“We're also in the middle of a pandemic, so just the fact that it could have led to me and my boy catching Covid was something I had to get over as well."

A North Wales Police spokesperson confirmed a 77-year-old man was arrested, following the alleged incident on suspicion of sexual assault. He has been released on bail pending further investigations.

The alleged assault comes as Wales prepares to vote in the country’s upcoming assembly elections on 6 May with the independence-seeking party hoping to advance on its current 10 seats.