Plane comes in to land just metres from tourists in Greece

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Dramatic video shows the moment a plane whisks mere metres above the heads of tourists in Greece.

The British Airways Embraer E190 aircraft was filmed at Skiathos airport in Greece as it was approaching the runway to land.

Skiathos airport is dubbed by aviation enthusiasts “European St Maarten” due to its low landing.

On the Caribbean island of St Maarten, hundreds of people gather to watch jumbo jets land just beyond a popular tourist beach.

The airport on the Greek island is a popular tourist attraction, with planespotters lining up on the road behind the runway.

People are warned not to get too close to the runway, with a sign saying: “Danger. Please keep away from aircraft blast.”

The footage of the British Airways landing shows people being pushed off a wall by the gust from the aircraft blast.

The biggest aircraft that is permitted to land at Skiathos is a Boeing 757, a narrow-body jet, according to aviation enthusiast YouTube account Cargospotter.