Planners give the go ahead to 81 new homes in Thornton Cleveleys

Design of one of the semi-detached homes to be built by Breck Homes. Image: Breck Homes
Design of one of the semi-detached homes to be built by Breck Homes. Image: Breck Homes

This full application submitted by Breck Homes was given the go ahead at the latest meeting of Wyre’s planning committee on Wednesday September 6.

It had been recommended for approval by the planning officer and is earmarked for land allocated for new housing as part of the Wyre Local Plan.

As well as the new homes, the application includes associated new estate roads and other supporting ancillary infrastructure and green space.

Land south of the former Iron Horse pub. (Photo: Google images)
Land south of the former Iron Horse pub. (Photo: Google images)

There were a number of objections lodged with the council, with concerns that too many houses were being built in a small area of Thornton, creating road safety issues and taking up too much green space.

The scheme is on a split site, comprising two separate parcels of land, formerly owned by Thornton FC which sold the land and has since re-located.

The larger of the two sites is located to the north of Bourne Road situated between the existing Hawley Gardens and Cherry Lane housing developments.

A smaller site, which is still part of the overall project, is directly to the south of the former Iron Horse, which is reopening as a Hickory’s Smokehouse outlet.

It is the latest of several planning applications which, if they are all approved, would bring 579 new homes to an area located on either side of Fleetwood Road North (to the east and the west) and close to Bourne Road.

One objector stated: “There are far to many houses being built and the area is becoming over developed.

“The roads and junctions are not built for the current traffic levels, never mind more

“All the green area for wildlife is being used up by building.

“The split of executive / affordable housing is not right. I understand the need for affordable housing, but there is already a new full estate being built of affordable rent only houses, we don’t need another!”

However, a planning and design statement, on behalf of the applicants, stated: “The development will (if approved) contribute towards the improving the vitality of this part of Thornton by helping to provide new homes for existing local people and new residents.

“The design and layout is appropriate for the location and will improve a currently vacant and underused site.

“Convenient and safe access and an appropriate level of car parking provision have been incorporated into the final design for both road users and pedestrians.”

All the new homes in the Bourne area will be served by two large shops which are to be built in the vicinity after planning permission was granted to developers BXB earlier this summer.

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The 81 new homes given the green light consist of 14 one-bed maisonettes, 31 two-bed houses and 36 three-bed houses and comprise of two-storey semi-detached and

terraced properties and two blocks of two-storey maisonettes.

The new housing projects involve a number of different developers.

Breck Homes were previously granted planning permission to build 210 homes on another nearby piece of land, the former ICI Power Station off Bourne Road, back in March 2021.

BXB Homes were also granted outline planning permission in July this year to build 130 homes on land to the north east of the former Iron Horse pub, with a full planning application now anticipated.

And in June this year, Eccleston Homes were granted full planning permission to build 158 homes on the the other side of Fleetwood Road North, to the north of Bourne Way.