Plans to build life-saving otter hospital in North Devon

File photo: A North Devon charity is planning to build a new otter hospital
-Credit: (Image: Nick Ansell/PA Wire)

A North Devon charity is planning to build a life-saving otter hospital to help more cubs in distress. The UK Wild Otter Trust said it had already rescued 19 cubs and successfully released eight so far this year.

The organisation helps rescue, rehabilitate and release back into the wild, orphaned and injured Eurasian otters. However, its founder, Dave Webb, said it is running out of space to treat the numbers of otter cubs needing help.

Staff are now raising vital funds to get a large otter hospital ready for use. The Trust said that due to negotiating a highly discounted cost price for the shed, it estimates that it needs to raise £2,000 to install, complete and kit out the new hospital.


The new addition to the charity's Specialist Otter Rehabilitation Centre will provide the team with a dedicated space to treat poorly otter cubs when they first arrive at the centre. This will mean they will be able to save more otter cubs coming through their doors.

So far, £439 has been raised of the overall goal. Mr Webb said: "We have seen an upturn in cub numbers arriving to us. Many of these have been smaller, needing indoor space.

"We currently have six indoor cub rooms but have now committed to proving this new building to enable us to increase that space as its vital for the cubs. The new building will be dedicated to the treatment of any cubs and also act as a isolation section to compliment our existing units on site".

To find out more about The UK Wild Otter Trust and the fundraiser to build a new otter hospital, visit the charity's Facebook page, here.