Plans for Coventry skyline change as new addition awaits

New designs for 303 flats at Paradise Street in Coventry
-Credit: (Image: Marrons Planning)

Plans for a new addition to Coventry's skyline have changed. A block of flats by the ring road will no longer be 20 storeys at its highest point.

Instead, the 303-apartment development will reach a maximum of 17 storeys. The scheme at Paradise Street will also now be one building rather than two blocks.

A so-called Section 73 application to change plans was approved by the council last week on May 31. It comes months after the original scheme got the go-ahead from the authority.


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Plans for huge 20-storey tower near Coventry city centre

The re-design is due to impending new fire safety rules, according to a letter with the plans. Two staircases in high rise flats above 18 metres are set to be made compulsory by government, it said.

Original plans for flats at Paradise Street in Coventry approved in October 2023
Original plans for flats at Paradise Street in Coventry approved in October 2023 -Credit:Maber Associates

The move was confirmed in a "recent announcement" by outgoing Secretary of State Michael Gove, it added. But the scheme approved in October does not feature two stair cores for all floors.

Without this feature, the development is "un-fundable," added the letter by Marrons Planning on behalf of developers Rainier Developments. "This Section 73 application addresses the need for the second stair core," it said.

The new building design includes the same number of flats and some changes to floor layouts and entrances. The scheme's "tower element" has been scrapped as it is "uneconomical and inefficient to deliver" under the rules, the letter added.

It concluded: "We remain committed to the redevelopment of this site and these amendments will facilitate delivery of this planning permission." The new plans will also have less of an impact on the site's historic city wall and buried medieval city defences which were uncovered two years ago, those behind the scheme say.

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Over 90 per cent of the archaeology related to the defences would be preserved by both schemes, a heritage statement said. This is not the first time a development in the city has had to be redesigned due to the planned change to fire safety rules.

The need for changes to some buildings delayed the City Centre South scheme last year and detailed plans were only approved in March. The changes also affected the project's viability and meant extra funding to the tune of £12 million from the West Midlands Combined Authority was needed.

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