Plans progress for glass-fronted restaurant which could be 'great addition' to Leigh

CGI - Glass-fronted restaurant in Leigh <i>(Image: Southend Planning Application)</i>
CGI - Glass-fronted restaurant in Leigh (Image: Southend Planning Application)

PLANS are progressing for a spectacular glass-fronted restaurant on a tiny patch of grass in Leigh, which would be a “great addition” to the growing-success of the area.

Plans were originally submitted to Southend Council last year for a new three-floored, glass-front restaurant, with the applicants submitting a number of minor amendments in recent months.

It comes as the transformation of Leigh Road continues and it becomes an extension of the ever-popular Broadway, boasting an array of restaurants, bars, and cafes.

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The new restaurant is almost directly opposite former hotel The Grand, which is currently being transformed into 18 apartments and also a spa and a shop.

It would also create 40 new jobs if plans are accepted for this new restaurant.

John Lamb, councillor for West Leigh ward, said: “Leigh is getting a name as the place to be to dine out and go for drinks.

“This could be a good addition, especially if it offers different food to what we already have and gives an additional opportunity for residents.”

He added: “It could become even better once the plans at The Grand are completed as that only attracts more people into the area.

“It is a great opportunity if used probably as it is far better than having empty land.

“It would also add competition, which should help keep the prices down, and that is what people need at the moment, as with the cost-of-living it is really difficult.

“I hope, if plans are accepted, they can get the trade and people support them, as it would be a great addition to Leigh and the community.”

Currently it is unknown what sort of restaurant is planned.

The application recently added a daylight and sunlight report to neighbouring properties.

The report stated: “In summary, the numerical results in this assessment demonstrate that the proposed development will have a low impact on the light receivable by its neighbouring properties.

“In our opinion, the proposed development sufficiently safeguards the daylight and sunlight amenity of the neighbouring properties.”