'Our Plastic Is Killing': Australian Freediver Finds Dead Bird Floating Near Trash Off Victoria Coast

While in the waters of Australia’s Port Phillip Bay, freediver Jules Casey came upon a deceased bird floating alongside plastic debris. Posting the footage to Instagram on November 20, she wrote, “our plastic is killing marine life and sea birds.”

Casey acknowledged in her caption that while the bird’s proximity to the plastic may be a coincidence, she thought it nonetheless sent an “important environmental message.”

Casey engaged with her followers in the comments, encouraging them not to feel discouraged by the video but rather inspired to spread awareness and become active in their own communities.

Casey, who has previously posted footage of sea life in Port Phillip Bay being affected by the presence of plastic items in the water, added “please help pick up any litter you see. You could be saving a little life by doing it.” Credit: onebreathdiver via Storyful