After Platty Joobs and Statey Funes, General Election gets abbreviation

The UK's obsession with abbreviations has been awakened after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced there will be a General Election on July 4. The last few years have seen people shortening everything from the Platinum Jubilee (Platty Joobs) and the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (Statey Funes) to the Cost of Living Crisis (Cozzie Livs).

The Coronation of King Charles III became Corribobs - while some suggested it should be called Hatty Newbs (rhyming with Platty Joobs) as the King got a new hat.

Now a new abbreviation has taken over social media as people rejected calling the Snap Election a Snappy G (G for General) or Snappy V (V for Vote).

Instead, the consensus is that it will be called the Genny Lex. The term nattowly beat Genny Lec to start trending on social media after the announcement.

Stuart Goldsmith on X said: "Just heard the term Genny Lex for the first time, which simultaneously made me feel sick and also tbh quite impressed me."

Stuart Heritage added: "I didn't platty jubes. I didn't statey funes. I will, however, genny lex" Louis Leeson wrote: "Platty joobs was funny because it was spontaneous. Genny lex is annoying. Nashy servs is desperate. When they propose reintroducing capital punishment you'll be the first for cappy puns."

Petey said: "Stop trying to make genny lex happen! It’s not going to happen" Nick Cook wrote: "Ashamed to admit I had to Google the meaning of ‘Genny Lex’ My search was certainly educational - I now know about ‘Wimbo’, ‘Banny Hols’, ‘Parrie Limps’ and ‘Notty’."

And Lewis Shaw added: "Anyone who uses the words genny lex should be excommunicated."

But Gwidhw replied: "Genny Lex sounds like a someone who came 6th on Love Island, didn’t get any brand deals & now sells crystals on TikTok live"