Plaxico Burress Delivers Turkeys to Low-Income Kids: A Fan's Perspective

Plaxico Burress is excused from practice for personal reasons on Monday, November 21 and Tuesday, November 22. The absence from practice has nothing to do with a nagging lower back problem. Where is Plaxico? You'll find him in Virginia, handing out turkeys to low-income families.

Where's Plaxico?

ESPN NY reports that Plaxico Burress is in his home town of Virginia Beach. You'll find him at the local high school handing out turkeys to low-income families. Kudos to Plax--giving back is important. His wife, Tiffany confirmed with ESPN that Plaxico is in Virginia Beach.

It is unclear if the community service is a required part of his probation or if he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. I would think that any probation requirements for community service would have to take place in New York--where he was convicted on a gun charge. I doubt the New York courts would mandate community service in Virginia.

Can Burress bring it to Buffalo?

New York Jets head coach, Rex Ryan, did not elaborate on why Plaxico was missing from practice. In order to give the players Thanksgiving off, the practice schedule was changed. Plaxico is missing two days of practice before a must win game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Can Plax afford the days off--it depends on what stats you look at. Burress has 6 touchdown catches this season. This is more than any other player on the Jets. On the other hand, he has the lowest reception percentage on the team. He is a big target for Mark Sanchez to throw at in the end zone--but he has to hold on to the ball more.

Maybe the football gods will smile upon New York because Plaxico is doing charity work. The Jets need to win the upcoming game in Buffalo. A loss on Sunday will make it very difficult for them to get to the post-season, even as a wild card.

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