Playboy drug boss has been jailed for 37 years for fraud, money laundering and drug offences

A drug gang boss pictured partying with bikini-clad women on luxury yachts and who led a playboy lifestyle has been jailed for 37 years. Aram Sheibani, 40, enjoyed a millionaire's lifestyle for a decade which included a £5 million property empire before he was rumbled by investigators. He kept artwork by Banksy and Andy Warhol in his £2m apartment, but Manchester Crown Court heard he was involved in high level criminality which enabled him to build substantial unaccountable wealth. He was sentenced today (Thurs) after being found guilty of a total of 20 fraud, money laundering and drug offences. In April 2019, warrants were executed at a number of addresses connected to Sheibani in Manchester and London and he was arrested on suspicion of money laundering and fraud. Sheibani attempted to delay efforts by police to secure access to his apartment by refusing to answer the door as he attempted to destroy evidence. When the police were finally able to escort Sheibani from the building, he shouted to his girlfriend "don't tell them anything, go no comment. The court heard how following his arrest, police seized roughly £1.2 million in cash, as well as crypto currency valued at £1.5 million. *Footage filmed 10th June 2021.

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