Playful cat won't stop bothering Buddhist monk during prayers

This is the amusing moment a playful cat tested the patience of a Buddhist monk - trying to get his attention as he chanted prayers.

The cat crawled into the lap of the monk, in traditional orange robes, as he went through a ritual at the temple in Bangkok, Thailand, just after midnight on New Year’s Day (Jan 1, 2020).

Speaking after, the monk Luang Pi Komkrit Taechachoto, 25, said he was ''trying to read the book'' but ended up being ''more focused on the cat''.

He said that the cat was a stray that wanders around the grounds of the Wat Udomrangsi temple. They are often given food and drinks, so may have formed a bond with the monk.

The filmer of the video, Nophayong Sookphan, said the cat jumped on stage just before midnight and wouldn’t leave until after the countdown.

They added: ''Everybody found it so sweet that the cat was playing with the monk. It looked like she wanted attention from her friend.''