'She plays my mind like a fiddle!': Joe Swash on his relationship with Stacey Solomon

The couple are expecting their first child together (PA Images)
The couple are expecting their first child together (PA Images)

Just days before Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon announced they are expecting their first child together, Swash sat down with Kate Thornton on Yahoo!’s White Wine Question Time to talk about his relationship with the former X Factor star.

Joined by Keith Lemon and Chris Moyles, Thornton asked Swash what confused him most about women.

Swash claimed that women ‘work on a different level’ and even joked that women can ‘trap you.’

“I do think they work on a different level when it comes to mind games. When it comes to the long game.

“Men look at the short game. We think of today and tomorrow. Where as Stacey and my mum – they will put in motion a lot earlier on…they set out to trap you!” Swash said.

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He even said that Stacey and his mum are adept at manipulating him, but added that it was never in a mean way.

“She will play my mind like a fiddle she will play me singing to her tune without me realising she’s got me singing to her tune.

“Whereas I don’t work like that! I work on quite a straight forward level.

“My mum, Stacey all play me like a fiddle they play me like a fiddle without me realising it. They are a lot cleverer.

“They’re not mean with it, just to get what they want and so thinks go their way,” he said.

He even spilled the details on a disappointing birthday present he received from Solomon. While he says he went all out on a lavish Birthday weekend for the mum-to-be, he simply received a camera.

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“I took Stacey to her Nan’s for her birthday, we stayed in a plane that converts into a hotel, we went to the beach, I bought her shoes…we had a really nice weekend.

“My Birthday comes past I got a polaroid camera. But if I had got her a polaroid camera there’d have been murder!”

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