Please Come to Kansas City Peyton Manning - Fan's Take

Is it possible Peyton Manning could be in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform? The easy answer is a resounding no. But as a fan of the Chiefs and a huge fan of Peyton Manning, it would be a perfect match for both sides and I will tell you why. If Peyton Manning is healthy enough to play in 2012, it would be an obvious upgrade over Matt Cassel. Cassel had an impressive 2010 season with Charlie Weis calling the plays, but in the other two seasons running the Chiefs offense he has thrown 26 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. Those numbers are average at best.

How the Cheifs fans would love to see the combination of Manning, Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe. This would instantly become one of the most lethal trios in the league. With teams having to respect Manning, Charles would see life easier than ever before. In 2010, Charles ran for nearly 1500 yards and those numbers could easily be attained again. Dwayne Bowe could reach nearly 1500 yards himself with Manning throwing the ball. Bowe also had his best season in 2010 as he hauled in 15 touchdowns before dropping off to just 5 touchdowns in 2011, both seasons Bowe came up just shy of 1200 yards for the season. Bowe has help in the receiving corps as Steve Breaston starts opposite Bowe and had 785 yards himself in 2011.

Only if this was possible the Chiefs would be instant Super Bowl contenders in the weak AFC West. This potential offense paired up with a young, aggressive defense could have led to huge things in 2012. It has been a long long time since Kansas City fans have had anything to cheer about. The last Super Bowl appearance was 1969. In 1993 the Chiefs were within one game of the Super Bowl as they lost the AFC Championship Game to come up just short.

Now back to reality. Cassel will be the quarterback in 2012. The Chiefs will be much better than the 7-9 record this season, well as long as they remain healthy. I think the Chiefs will be back in the playoffs, but unless Cassel returns to his 2010 form, they will be making an early exit once again.