Please don't let them remove Bolton from name of university

The University of Bolton (Picture: University of Bolton)
The University of Bolton (Picture: University of Bolton)

I’ve never written a letter to the Bolton News before, but recent news has made me so angry I feel I need to voice my opinion, and it’s regarding the possible rebranding and change of name to The University of Bolton.

It has been reported that an application has been submitted to rebrand and change the name of OUR university to The University of Greater Manchester which I am very much opposed to.

As we know our university has developed and grown massively over the years especially with the new teaching hospital being built. This is a huge asset to the town and now that the university is developing as a successful place to learn they want to remove the good name of Bolton.

They have also stated the name change would have a positive impact on the students, it already does, so a name change won’t make a difference.

They also mention that it would be more diverse; it already is one of the most diverse universities in the country.

Another reason given is that it would be recognised geographically. Again that’s a big no - we are nowhere near Manchester University, there’s around 15-20 miles between us and leading potential students into thinking we are in Manchester is wrong. So in what way will this benefit our town?

When you look at the ever-changing skyline to Manchester and the money being spent there, then you look at Bolton where hardly anything is happening, taking away the Bolton name and identity will be more detrimental to the town.

It appears to me that the powers that be at the university realise what a success the place is and are embarrassed by being associated with Bolton.

It’s also been mentioned that Bolton will still remain in the address - well that cannot be changed as we are in Bolton, so the address will still have to have a Bolton postcode.

Please, this needs to stop. Bolton is a large proud town and many of our residents still class Bolton as being in Lancashire and not Greater Manchester.

But whichever one our residents consider us to be under Bolton is still the largest town in the country. We are proud of our name.

Please do not let them take it away.

Jane Quarmby