PMQs: Keir Starmer aims Love Island and Jabba The Hut jibes at Boris Johnson

Labour’s under fire leader Sir Keir Starmer compared Boris Johnson to a contestant on Love Island who was giving the public “the ick” on Wednesday as he stepped up his attacks on the Prime Minster over his handling of the economy.Facing fresh questions over his leadership after his deputy Angela Rayner said Sir Keir had to “put some more welly” into his speeches, Sir Keir used notably more colourful language to accused the Prime Minister of playing games and trying to mislead the public over his claims on economic growth.“He says the economy is booming when it’s shrinking,” Sir Keir said. “He’s game playing so much..he thinks he is on Love Island. The trouble is Prime Minister I am reliably informed that contestants that give the public ‘the ick’ get booted’s not just low growth, he’s lost control of inflation.”

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