Pod of dolphins enjoy feeding frenzy off Cornish coast

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This is the moment a pod of dolphins enjoyed a feeding frenzy off the Cornish coast. Sea life enthusiast Peter Nasan, 37, saw around 11 pods of Common Dolphins in St Ives Bay whilst out on the harbour. The dolphins were chasing small shoaling fish into tight balls of bait before having what's described as a 'feeding frenzy'. This is where an aggressive or competitive group attack on its prey in large numbers - attracting others to then join. In the videos you can see the dolphins gliding through the water, circling an area of the sea in which they are thought to be rounding up their prey A few days later, eagle eyed Peter also snapped other photographs of a pair of rarer Bottlenose Dolphins swimming in the bay, along with a Minke Whale Peter, a volunteer at St Ives National Coastwatch Institution, said: "I reckon there were about 200 to 300 dolphins in total who were all feeding on this school of fish. "It looked like every dolphin pod from across the bay had raced across the water to join the feeding frenzy. "I got some amazing footage which I'm happy to be sharing with nature lovers across the world." The footage was taken between the January 18 - 21.

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