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Amana Walker is the resident expert on this episode of The Reset Room
Amana Walker is the resident expert on this episode of The Reset Room

Want to reach your full potential in life? Tired of feeling stressed, or that your best is never good enough? The Reset Room podcast is here to help, with lots of practical advice on the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

We are back with a new series of The Reset Room with our resident experts Amana Walker and Kay Woodburn joining me once again to equip you with the tools to succeed and to answer your questions on your journey to fulfilment.

This week Amana Walker joins me to talk about how to have a positive mental attitude.

Amana gives us her top tips for framing our way of thinking in a realistic manner. Given her extensive experience in coaching those in business and sport, Amana has experience of what it takes to become more optimistic and hopeful and how this will positively affect your life and others.

Feedback from listeners on the first two series was really positive with some reporting significant changes to their lives as a result of the advice they heard on the podcast. In addition the podcast picked up the award for ‘Best Health and Wellbeing Podcast’ at the Publisher Podcast awards in April this year.

In this new series, topics we will cover include ‘Depression and anxiety in young people and how to build their resilience’, ‘How to be a high performer’ and ‘how to apply an athlete’s mindset to everyday life’.

Our experts in life coaching and personal development have years of experience in helping people in all walks of life achieve and perform to the best of their potential. In each episode we’ll also get you, the listeners, on board by answering your questions and assisting you with the challenges you face on an everyday basis.

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