Poignant 'I Am Still A Cat' Series Shows Why Disabled Felines Are Still Great Pets

Chris Parsons
News Editor

Simba, an 18-month-old cat who has lost a front leg. (Rex)

Whether they've lost a leg, can't see or are hard of hearing, cats still making loving pets for millions around the world.

Now a poignant photo series has highlighted how disabled cats are just as good company as their able-bodied cousins.

Polish photographer Monika Malek pictured different felines with various disabilities in her series, 'I Am Still A Cat'.

She photographed a range of cats for the series. Some have lost a leg due to medical conditions or injuries; while others have become blind.

As Monika does not own a disabled cat herself; she posted a request on her Facebook page asking for people to send in photos of their disabled cats.

She said: 'I've met many disabled cats and the more I've met them, the more I felt that there's nothing to be afraid of.

'They do not get depressed, or feel sorry for themselves, they still jump everywhere.

'Even cats without a leg are still able to jump perfectly. When I understood this, I've wanted to show other people that disabled cat is completely normal cat.'

Monika explains that sadly most people tend to avoid adopting pets with disabilities, meaning that many remain in shelters for most of their lives.

'I've taken photos of only 21 cats, plan to take 79 more, but I can say that disability is inside people head. Cats don't feel worse because they don't have an eye.

'One of the cats had both rear legs paralysed, but it didn't bother him to climb the trees. Most people doesn't know that adoption of disabled cat isn't difficult and doesn't come together with 24 hour care and that's why there are way less adoptions than it could be.'

Kumiko, a seven-year-old cat who has lost an eye. (Rex)
Ficus, a five-year-old cat who has lost a leg. (Rex)
Rufus, a one-year-old cat who has lost his tail. (Rex)
Kazik, aged five, who has lost one of his limbs. (Rex)
Amber, a one-year-old cat, who has lost one of her eyes. (Rex)