New Pokémon Fidough is a puppy made out of bread–and fans can’t get enough

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Fidough is a new Pokémon who will appear in Scarlet and Violet. (Nintendo)
Fidough is a new Pokémon who will appear in Scarlet and Violet. (Nintendo)

Nintendo has revealed more details of the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games, and there’s just one detail fans can’t get over—Fidough.

Although Nintendo revealed a number of new Pokémon this week, Fidough became an instant fan favourite, and it’s not hard to see why.

Fidough is a Puppy Pokémon that is made out of bread, with what appears to be a doughnut for a neck and bagels for years.

The Fairy-type Pokémon has “smooth, moist skin with elastic qualities” and they “intimidate their opponents by puffing up their bodies to appear bigger.”

Nintendo says: “Fidough ferments things in its vicinity using the yeast in its breath. Said yeast is useful for cooking, so this Pokémon has been protected by people since long ago.”

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, which are the first open-world RPGs in the Pokémon series, will be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022, so there’s not too long to wait to be able to train and battle with the cutest new Pokémon.

As well as Fidough, Scarlet and Violet will also introduce Pawmi, an Electric Mouse Pokémon, Lechonk, a Normal Hog Pokémon, Smoliv, a Grass/Normal Olive Pokémon, Cetitan, an Ice Terra Whale Pokémon, and Paldean Whopper, a Poison/Ground Poison Fish Pokémon.

But Pokémon fans were clearly the most delighted with the reveal of Fidough—and many were quick to create fan art dedicated to the cute new puppy.

Some imagined Fidough as a bread roll in a bakery, while others created new variations on the Pokémon. Cinnamon bun Fidough, anyone?

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