Poland buys Ukraine’s excess electricity

Ukraine sells surplus
Ukraine sells surplus "green" energy to Poland

Polish power grid operator PSE has approved an emergency request from its Ukrainian counterpart Ukrenergo to purchase 900 MWh of surplus Ukrainian electricity generated from renewable sources, Ukrenergo reported on Nov. 6.

This was the third instance where Ukrenergo had sought this kind of emergency support due to surplus generation. The first case occurred in June 2023, and the second on Oct. 31.

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"To maintain a balance between consumption and production and to avoid limiting the operation of renewable energy power plants, Ukrenergo turned to the Polish power system operator PSE on November 6 with a request for emergency assistance in the form of an urgent purchase of surplus Ukrainian electricity for three daytime hours totaling 900 MWh," the company stated.

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Ukrenergo clarified that this measure helps to avoid additional costs associated with bringing power plants offline for a short period of time.

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On Nov. 6, a surplus of produced electricity was recorded in the Ukrainian power system.

"In some regions [of Ukraine], the weather is not only windy but also sunny," the operator explained the surplus.

Additionally, Ukrenergo reported that one additional thermal power plant unit was brought back online after repairs.

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