Police 35-hour boy racer ban on these Stoke-on-Trent streets from tonight

-Credit: (Image: Staffordshire Police)
-Credit: (Image: Staffordshire Police)

Police have been granted extra powers to tackle boy racers plaguing a Stoke-on-Trent community. Staffordshire Police have secured a dispersal order for Reginald Mitchell Way, in Tunstall, and all side roads off Chatterley Road and Marlborough Way.

The order - which runs from 7pm tonight until 6am on Monday - also includes all pavements, central reservations, roundabouts, and grass verges. It allows any rule-breaking boy racers to be banned from the streets for 48 hours, their vehicles to be seized, and under-16s to be taken home.

It follows complaints about illegal street racing in the area.

Inspector Victoria Ison, from Stoke-on-Trent North local policing team, said: “Following recent issues of street racing and an increase in calls from concerned residents, officers will be increasing their efforts to tackle any instances of crime or anti-social behaviour. We understand the impact this behaviour can have and are continuing to work with partner agencies to tackle issues reported by our communities. If drivers are seen racing illegally, action will be taken. The minority who feel that they can use roads as race tracks, or car parks as performance areas, will be dealt with accordingly.

“Dangerous driving and anti-social meets can cause a great deal of disruption to local communities and can put motorists at risk of serious injury. Those found driving carelessly or dangerously, causing unnecessary noise nuisance, or acting in an anti-social manner could see action taken against them in the form of warnings and vehicle seizure, fixed-penalty tickets, summons to court, and possible arrest.”

To report boy racers call police on 101.

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