Police acknowledge confusion over UK lockdown rules

Vikram Dodd and Helen Pidd
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    And still no reports on the Looting in Brixton this week..... in our road in East London 11 houses were burgled and garages broken into...not a word mentioned. ....Why ?
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    It's not just the police My local Tesco have just started telling shoppers they are not meant to visit more then once a week, yet there is no sign up stating this, and I can't find it in any of the government rules. Maybe the rule is imminent and they started early?
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    Jethro Tull
    No matter what the rules are you will always get the local neighbourhood knobs causing havoc. How are the police expected to enforce this confusion?
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    Everybody out there will say they are either Shopping, Going to work, or having a short walk so how can the Police prove otherwise?
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    Someone needs to police the police. I have my own views about what’s going on, but get slated for it. Police forces should be held accountable for there actions. We should not just give the police the power laws they can bend or interpret they way they see fit. Because one police for will do things differently from another. All powers handed to the police should be made clear before these powers are given
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    I'm not confused. But then I don't have a car to wander all over the place. I'm staying in my own garden except for future excursions to do some necessary shopping. Isn't it only common sense to do that shopping only once a week?
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    question everything
    We really need to check that the rules police are now using are stopped after this finishes I know they will want to keep it
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    The only mistake any of the authorities have made is assuming the majority of people in the UK have the ability to understand and interpret basic instructions. Going out only for essential reasons such a shopping, one instance of exercise, visiting a sick family member, or going to work, is pretty unambiguous. Anyone who thinks it includes "driving to a local beauty spot or tourist attraction" isn't going to understand any instruction, however clearly spelled-out in words of one syllable. I think we just have to accept that there will be people who think the rules are pointless and will ignore them. We've all endured them in other instances of life, so why not this? The only difference this time is, it may be affecting other people's health or even lives, so I do hope the Police follow-up on their warning to enforce the new laws.
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    The law is the law..
    The police enforce the law..
    The courts interpret the law..
    Many police think that interpreting the law is within their preview. .. no it ain't.
    I expect many people will be chosen to go in front of the courts.. and if not given a correct hearing.. that's even further down the slippery rope for the uk...
    And be absolutely clear...
    There is not enough military to enforce a credible martial law over the whole uk..
    So without the public support.. ??
    Therefore excessive police enforcement serves only to endanger the kingdom...
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    It’s always the few that spoil a relaxed lockdown that had to be tightened up. I would not be surprised if we get an even harder lockdown if people carry on the way they are!