Police arrest semi-naked man by pulling him down from a car in Birmingham

Dramatic footage shows the moment a semi-naked man wearing just his underpants was arrested by police after being hauled down from a car roof in a city centre. Officers were called to Broad Street in Birmingham following reports of a yob assaulting two people, throwing stones and jumping on the top of vehicles. Mobile phone footage captures the suspect stamping on the roof of a silver Mercedes as police pull up at the scene outside a hotel on Sunday morning (22/8). He then takes off his shoes and hurls them at the approaching officers who grab him by the legs and drag him from the roof. The man, who is wearing only a pair of black patterned boxer shorts, is detained by several cops who repeatedly shout at him: "Get on the floor." West Midlands Police said they were called at around 10am after receiving reports of a man screaming and throwing stones. The 44-year-old suspect was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage as well as assaulting a taxi driver and a shop worker. Witnesses said the man began shouting in the street from as early as 8am and had earlier attacked a member of staff in a Sainsbury's supermarket. One resident said: "He had been making a nuisance of himself for a while by all accounts. "He was apparently chucked out of a casino the night before and attacked someone in a Sainsbury's. He took his shirt off in there and began abusing security. "Then he was shouting and screaming and hurling stones along Broad Street before police turned up when he starting jumping on cars. "He was dragged off and arrested, it wasn't what you expect on a Sunday morning." A force spokesperson said: "A man was arrested in Broad Street, Birmingham, this morning for criminal damage. "It's alleged the bare-chested man was throwing stones at property and jumping on vehicles, including a taxi. "The man, believed to be aged 44, has also been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a shop worker and a taxi driver. "He remains in police custody." Video filmed 22nd August 2021.

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