Police back-up called after officer obstructed inside man's porch

Charles Street, Neyland <i>(Image: google)</i>
Charles Street, Neyland (Image: google)

A court has heard how a police officer feared that his thumb was in danger of being broken by a Neyland man during an altercation outside the man's home.

David Baker, 55, became increasingly agitated after officers arrived at his property in Charles Street on October 20 to speak to him about an unrelated matter.

"He was seen to clench his fist and move towards the officers," Crown Prosecutor Nia James told Haverfordwest magistrates earlier this week.

"He reached out to one of the officer's shoulders and grabbed him as he continued to say 'no chance'.

"They were in a small porch, so the officer didn't have many options to resist the defendant."

Ms James said Baker then grabbed one of the officers by his left thumb.  As a result, the officer was forced to call for assistance as he feared his thumb was in danger of being broken.

Handcuffs were eventually put onto David Baker to restrain him and he was conveyed to Haverfordwest police station's custody suite.

Baker pleaded guilty to the charge of obstructing and resisting police officers in the execution of their duty.  He was unrepresented in court.

"I apologise for wasting the court's time and I was in the wrong," he said from the dock.

"I'm not sure what prompted me that night...perhaps I was physically or mentally exhausted? And I was in a closed space and wasn't comfortable.

"But I was in the wrong and I had no intenion of hurting anybody."

Baker was fined £80 and was ordered to pay a £32 surcharge and £85 costs.