Police Bodycam Shows Aftermath of Fatal Evansville Explosion

Newly released bodycam footage shows the emergency response after a home explosion killed three people and damaged dozens of houses in Evansville, Indiana, on August 10.

This video, released to Storyful by the Evansville Police Department, was taken from the bodycam of Officer Josh Doane as he arrived on Weinbach Avenue minutes after the incident. It shows debris strewn across the street and emergency responders searching homes for victims.

The cause of the explosion remained under investigation as of August 19, officials told local media. Credit: Evansville Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- Here.

- What?

- We been in here?

- No, I don't believe so.

- Our institute shows NFT on fly-by clear.

- So far we haven't found anything, because there's piles of stuff over there.


- I'm behind you, all right?

- 1106 North Weinbach residents alone but uninjured.

- Two, we got another.

- Yeah.

- Is it?

- Clear.

- Fast 1015 North Weinbach is clear.

- Clear.

- Have you been at 1011?

- I just, I walked past the mail. Nobody answered or anything. I might go in--

- Two mike one.

- Ah.

- In or out, we're moving all PD traffic is going to motor patrol E as Jeff finds somebody to monitor.

- All advise, are supervised.



- Oh, they're locked in.


- What? The dogs are there.


- Hey, here.

- People are trying things, they should--

- It's broke anyway.

- Dexter, I've got something sitting on the ground on the north end of Weinbach.



- Where do you need cars exactly?

- We're just trying to clear houses.

- 1004 and 1002 are clear.


- You're up to ten.

- One person.

- 1000 built-up, 1000 Weinbach is clear.

- OK, 1000.

- Good job.

- You're at 60.

- Cars, do you want whole body that aren't a part of this beyond mobile. So all these people that are sitting here taking pictures and doing this shit, unless they live at a residence where we need to talk to them, can get out of here.

- Down here, Columbia Norman. Do you want a shut-down here.