Police bothering menace in court over nuisance 999 calls

PEST: Lorraine Cash. Photo: West Mercia Police <i>(Image: West Mercia Police)</i>
PEST: Lorraine Cash. Photo: West Mercia Police (Image: West Mercia Police)

A PEST who makes nuisance 999 calls has been banned from bothering the police and wasting their time.

Lorraine Cash, 55 of Moat Crescent, Malvern was handed the criminal behaviour order following months of persistent calls to police.

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During the calls she reported matters that were 'either false or non-police related'.

Cash was issued with a community protection notice on July 30 stipulating that she must not contact the police unless it is a genuine emergency.

Despite this being issued, Cash made nine calls using the non-emergency line (101) and 15 calls using the emergency line (999) since the CPN was issued and September 28.

As a result, Cash was able to commit West Mercia Police call handlers for a total time period of 30 minutes and 41 seconds for the non-emergency calls alone.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "These calls would have lasted much longer if it had not been for the robust response given by our call handlers. Her calls do not have any legitimate motive.

"Her persistent calls will doubtless have denied us answering legitimate calls from someone in dire need hence why it was imperative that the application was made to the court for the CBO where it is now ordered that she cease her behaviour."

The CBO, made for two years, prohibits Cash from: contacting the police on the 999 emergency line unless a genuine emergency or ringing 101 unless it is for a genuine report and appropriate reason; contacting police officers, police staff or police departments directly as she must only contact them via 101 or 999, and only when there is a genuine purpose and not to report matters that have already been reported; contacting the police and discussing housing matters; refusing to engage with police when they are responding to the defendant's calls for assistance; behaving in any manner that causes, or is likely to cause, a nuisance to residents of Moat Crescent.

Cash is also required to engage with Cranstoun (alcohol & drug support agency), as directed by Cranstoun, for an assessment to be made with regards to substance misuse.

The contact will be made by Cranstoun on receipt of a referral to them made by police on the granting of this order.