Police Break Up Scuffle at California 'White Lives Matter' Protest

Police broke up a fight during a planned “white lives matter” rally in Huntington Beach, California, on Sunday, April 11, according to reports.

Pierce Singgih filmed the moment when he said police stopped a clash between “white lives matter” supporters and counter-protesters.

In this video, officers are seen standing in a circle to separate the crowd from several people who are lying on the ground. One policeman can be seen using a baton to force a protester to the ground.

The Huntington Beach Police Department declared an unlawful assembly and arrested six people by the time of writing on April 11.

Media reported the “white lives matter” rally in Huntington Beach was promoted by a KKK-affiliated group, the Loyal White Knights of the KKK. The event was one of several planned “white lives matter” protests to be held across the United States, reports said. Credit: Pierce Singgih via Storyful