Police called to elderly man’s house over reports of excessive FART noises

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Colin Mitchell was visited by police over ‘offensive fart noises’ (SWNS)

A pensioner has lashed out at police after they visited his home to investigate reports of ‘offensive noises’ – that came from a farting toy.

Colin Mitchell was left dumbstruck when an officer arrived at his home in St Albans, Herts, at around 3pm on Sunday, July 15 to investigate the noises.

The constable was enquiring about reports by a neighbour of ‘offensive human noises’ coming from inside the house.

Police were enquiring about reports by a neighbour of ‘offensive human noises’ coming from the house in St Albans (SWNS)

But Mr Mitchell took the wind out of their sails when he said one of his four great-grandchildren had been playing with a fart machine.

The 75-year-old said: ‘What an absolute waste of police time.

‘They could be doing something better because there’s so many problems with the shortage of money in policing.


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‘They had been told that there was an insulting noise every time this woman walked past.

‘I could understand if it came from real flatulence but it’s my little great-grandson, it’s highly amusing to young children.’

He added: ‘The police do an amazing job but it is ridiculous when they don’t have the manpower or money that someone can call them out for such a stupid job.’

The noises came from fart machine (SWNS)

Mr Mitchell has reportedly been involved in a long-running dispute with the neighbour.

A spokeswoman from Herts Police said: ‘Words of advice have been given to both parties.’