Police called to opening of new pizza shop as chaos erupts with hundred queuing

Police were called after the opening of a new pizza shop descended into chaos when hundreds of young people turned up and smoke grenades were let off in the street.

Officers were forced to shut roads after large crowds gathered for the opening of a new takeaway, in Worcester, on Bank Holiday Monday (29/8).

Fireaway Pizza had promised its first 100 customers free pizzas, leading to a mass of people flocking to queue outside the store on Angel Street.

But the event started to descend into mayhem when a DJ with loudspeakers playing pop music, fire breathers and a fleet of luxury cars turned up at the venue.

West Mercia Police were forced to shut the road at 1pm due to safety concerns as the area became crowded with people and long queues snaked around the block.

Witnesses described how 'absolute madness' ensued as parts of the city centre were turned into a 'glorified youth club'.

Owner Harry Singh, 23, defended the opening event and blamed the chaotic scenes outside his shop on 'external parties'.

He said: "All we have done today is open the shop, everything else is external, we just opened the shop, the rest was externally planned.

"It's been good, we've had a great opening, and we've had a great turnout.

"The police think that all the havoc outside is my fault.