Police Called to Remove 'Giant Dog' Who Refused to Leave Bradenton Store

Officers in Bradenton, Florida, were called to remove a “giant dog” that wouldn’t leave a Dollar General store at closing time, video shared by police on June 9 shows.

Bradenton Police Department said the 135-pound dog, named Bentley, broke through a gate and walked into the store, “where he spent a couple of hours browsing.” The post added that “clerks went about their business until they really needed to lock up!”

Bentley can be seen walking around the store before being reunited with his owner in this bodycam video. Credit: Bradenton Police via Storyful

Video transcript

- Is it aggressive?

- No.


- It's a bigger, sweet dog.



- Hi, pup!

- Yeah, he's a big, beautiful boy.

- Hi, pup!

- He's just kind of doing the his own thing.

- Come. My partner's-- hi, what's up? Come on, let's go! Let's go! Come on! Let's go! Damn, that's a big, old boy.

- Wow.

- I don't know who would have lost him or how.

- [INAUDIBLE] now he goes into the break room.


- [INAUDIBLE] can you [INAUDIBLE] with your dog leash. I tried using my leg restraints, but the dog's too big.


He's definitely a house dog.

- He's got to be.

- He has to be.

- Coming in here like he knows where he's going.

- He's clean. He's a big boy. What kind of dog is this?

Big, beautiful boy. He doesn't stink. He just smells of dog and like he was in the rain maybe for a little bit. But I mean, he's taken care of. His claws aren't grown out.


- Yeah.

- He's cute. Look at his little nails are cut.

- So he just walked in?

- Yeah. Like hey, I'm here to go grab something.

- I mean he's a--

- And he just really walked the whole store. And we couldn't get him out, but then it was time to close. We had to lock our doors. And now, I fear like if I let him go out that way, what can happen to him? --then stayed so--

- I don't know if that's going to be big enough.

- Oh, wow.

- That'd be like big enough for one maybe.


- Come here, pup.

- Thank you all for coming in tonight for this situation. Come. Come here.

- Atta boy!

- Who's a good boy?

- Who's a good boy? Yes, you're huge! Oh my God!

- You're a big, old boy!

- Look at you! Look at you!

- Definitely.

- Can you sit?

- All right, everybody, smile.

- This is awesome. Thank you so much.


- You're ready, huh? What's up?

- OK. [INAUDIBLE] give it to her so she can take a picture of her?

- Oh yeah, I definitely will. This is a moment worth cherishing.

- Come here, puppy!

- You got to smile too. 1, 2, 3, cheese!

- Awesome.


- This might be our owner. Is that your dog?

- Hey! He was shopping.

- Oh my gosh.

- [INAUDIBLE] broke the gate.

- He's cute. [INAUDIBLE] picture of him.


- Thank God.

- All right. 10-4. Clear in just a moment.

- Yeah.

- He's so sweet.

- Send me [INAUDIBLE].

You're welcome. Thank you.


- --that bowl for you too.

- He has [INAUDIBLE] snack in it for him.

- I do appreciate that.

- All right. Perfect.

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