Police catch driver making cup of tea on motorway

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The M60 motorway where the driver was caught making a cup  of tea.
The M60 motorway where the driver was caught making a cup of tea.

Police officers who pulled over a driver for using a mobile phone on a motorway discovered he had been making a cup of tea.

The North West Motorway Police officers tweeted on Monday that they stopped a motorist who was on the phone on the M62.

The officers said that when the driver pulled over on the hard shoulder, they noticed that he had also been making a brew while driving.

The driver was handed a Traffic Offence Report, which normally results in a fine or an order to attend an awareness course.

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In the tweet, the police said: "We couldn't believe this one! #MC21 stopped a vehicle on M62 for the driver using their mobile phone whilst driving.

"When he stopped the car, he noticed the driver was also in the process of making a cup of tea!!

“Needless to say, a Traffic Offence Report was issued."

One social media user quipped: "Had he been arrested, you’d be able to take his mug shot!"

Another added: "That takes the biscuit."

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