Police come under attack amid disturbances in Londonderry

Police came under attack in Londonderry during a search operation.

Bottles and stones were thrown at officers in the Magowan Park area on Sunday evening.

No officers were injured, police said.

Police had been carrying out a search in relation to violent dissident republican activity.

Chief Inspector Nigel Goddard said around 30 young people were involved.

“Shortly before 7pm, police officers came under sporadic attack from a group of approximately 30 young people who had gathered in the area and started throwing stones and bottles at them,” he said.

“Some damage was caused to police vehicles but thankfully no officers were injured.

“Police liaised with local community representatives who assisted in moving the young people away from the area,

“Shortly after 7.30pm, police were also able to leave the area after concluding the search and the situation has now calmed.”