Police Contacted after Anti-Semitic Leaflets Distributed to Massachusetts Homes

Police are investigating anti-Semitic leaflets that were distributed to homes in Peabody, Massachusetts on June 4.

Stanley Forman recorded an officer of Peabody Police Department receiving a complaint regarding leaflets that had been distributed on Antrim Road in Peabody.

The leaflets were titled “Every single aspect of the Covid Agenda is Jewish”.

Local media – see here and here cited police as saying they were asking nearby residents if they have surveillance cameras that might have recorded whoever left the leaflets. Credit: Stanley Forman via Storyful

Video transcript

MARK O'NEILL: I live down the end. I didn't-- you can barely notice them except some of them have moved into the street. I mean, it could have been the same. She told me there's a couple up on Lisburn.

- Yeah.

MARK O'NEILL: I didn't know if I'd just go around and pick them up. But then, I was like, I'm like, you know, it seems to be all the same nonsense hate.

- OK.

MARK O'NEILL: But then, I was like, oh, should I even be touching them?

- Yeah. I don't think-- they're not really going to get any fingerprints off, like, a plastic bag.

MARK O'NEILL: Yeah, I don't know.

- Yeah, no. Better safe than sorry. OK. Well, I guess I'll go around and see what I can find, and we'll document it and--


- I don't know if there's anything that I-- you know, our CID division is looking into when we got stuff like this.

MARK O'NEILL: Could be other places, too, yeah.

- I'll forward it over to them, and they can look into it further.

MARK O'NEILL: OK, thank you. OK, is it OK if I go pick the rest of them up--

- Um, yeah. If you see any--

- --if I find them? OK.

- If you see any, you want to hook up with me before I take off out of here if you find any more?


- She mentioned that some of--

- Can I get a close-up?

- Sure.

- This is the front. [INAUDIBLE] on the back.

- So does this.


- They even put rocks in there so they won't blow away.

- Yeah.

- Just get [INAUDIBLE].

MARK O'NEILL: 6 Lisburn, but--

- 6 Lisburn? OK.

MARK O'NEILL: That's the only one [INAUDIBLE]. But I was gonna drive around, too, because I assume they're all over the--

- All right.

MARK O'NEILL: Just gather them up, OK?

- Sounds good.

- I'm gonna follow you? Is that OK?

- I guess, if you want. I can't really tell you no, can I?

- Well, I don't-- listen.

Where's number 6?

MARK O'NEILL: The ones I'm answering for are 2, 4, and 6.

- 2, 4, and 6 Antrim. 2, 4, 6 Antrim.

MARK O'NEILL: And then 6 Lisburn.

- 6 Lisburn.

MARK O'NEILL: The one on Belfast was not-- was kind of--

- [INAUDIBLE] on the side yard?

MARK O'NEILL: Yeah, right. It wasn't--

- It was only the corner of the cross-street?

MARK O'NEILL: It was the corner of Belfast, Belfast Avenue. I mean, I just happened to [INAUDIBLE].

- No problem. We'll go with it. We'll [INAUDIBLE] it up to [INAUDIBLE]. I'm sorry. What's your name again?

MARK O'NEILL: Oh, sorry. It's Mark, M-A-R-K.



- OK. What's your phone number, Mark?

MARK O'NEILL: 978-500-8014.

- All right.

MARK O'NEILL: All right. Thank you for your work.

- Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help.

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