Police discover dead pheasants in boot of delivery driver’s car

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A takeaway delivery driver has been reported to environmental health after he was found with dead pheasants in the boot of his car, Derbyshire Constabulary said.

Officers from the force’s Safer Neighbourhood Team discovered the man was driving around with not only the dead birds, but also the takeaway food he was tasked with delivering to customers.

The force said officers intercepted the Citroen car on Saturday night after spotting it driving away from the takeaway and making a right turn without indicating.

When the driver was pulled over, it was revealed that the vehicle was being driven without the correct insurance.

It was as the car was being loaded onto a recovery vehicle that the discovery of the dead pheasants was made.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Constabulary posted on the Safer Neighbourhood Team’s Facebook page: “On the menu for the driver was a summons for the traffic offences and the vehicle was loaded onto a recovery vehicle to be delivered to the local impound.

“And hot food was not the only thing on the menu – the officers were clearly hungry for more and when they looked through the window of the car they were shocked to see a bouquet of dead pheasants in the boot – resulting in a report being issued to environmental health officers at South Derbyshire District Council.

“People work hard to afford their nice cars. If this driver was involved in a road traffic collision he would not be insured.”

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