Police Disperse Caracas Protesters With Tear Gas Bombs

Protesters in front of San Jose de Tarbes School in Caracas, Venezuela, scattered after police launched tear gas bombs to disperse them on April 19.

The uploader of these videos, shot from the balcony of her home in the municipality of El Paraiso, said that police forces launched tear gas in the streets and at surrounding buildings throughout the day. Large-scale demonstrations were planned in Caracas and across Venezuela on Wednesday to protest against President Nicholas Maduro and the socialist party of Venezuela, who opposition leaders say are engaging in a coup and evading new elections. Economic trouble in Venezuela brought a severe shortage of food and medicine to local populations, sparking widespread protesting across the country.

Maduro has maintained a hard line against the opposition, saying that they are “assailants” and calling for his supporters to take to the streets in counter-protest. Credit: Twitter/Ada Altuve via Storyful