Award-winning police dog retires after seven years without losing a criminal

George Martin
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PD Akie has served with Nottinghamshire Police for seven years. (SWNS)
PD Akie has served with Nottinghamshire Police for seven years. (SWNS)

A police dog which never let a criminal escape in seven years of service is finally retiring from active duty.

PD Akie has been a key member of Nottinghamshire Police since 2013, after starting his police training at just seven weeks old.

PC Mark Haywood has been Akie’s handler since the start, with the officer responsible for walking him and attending courses with him.

"During his career as a police dog, Akie grew into a very confident and capable dog,” PC Haywood said.

“Everyone knew he was there on the radio as he constantly barked whilst in the police car eager to get out and chase people.

"His forte in life was detaining all kinds of criminals in Nottinghamshire and some even thought they could out run him but no one ever did."

Akie won a number of awards for his service, including a Crown Court Commendation for a firearms bust early in his career.

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After giving chase to a couple of males who failed to stop for police in Nottingham, Akie tracked the offenders to a garden where he detained them so they could be arrested for firearms offences.

PC Haywood added: "Akie was never the greatest dog at tracking but once he became familiar with the smell of a criminal he excelled.

"During a particular firearms job, he tracked a man who had threatened his partner with a loaded crossbow and then went out onto the streets of Mansfield.

"Akie was in his harness and tracked the man in Ravensdale and onto a park at night where he located the man still holding the crossbow in the distance.

“He gave chase and detained the man who dropped the loaded crossbow, making it safe for the firearms officers to go forward to detain him."

Akie has now been forced to retire because of injuries which make him less mobile, but his superiors praised him for his achievements.

Sergeant Gavin Berry of Nottinghamshire Police's Dog Section said: "PC Haywood and PD Akie have been a phenomenal team and have rightly been recognised for their achievements along the way.

"This duo will have been a welcome sight for many colleagues over the years. It’s always sad to see our dogs grow old but a dog and handler team will experience a unique bond.

"To place your trust and life in a Police dog is an absolute privilege. Akie can now enjoy a well-earned retirement and pass on his wisdom to PC Haywood’s new GP dog PD Morse.

"Well done PD Akie and thank you for your service."

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