Police Drive Down Flooded Bike Lane in Miami-Dade County

Flooding persisted in the Miami area into Saturday afternoon, June 4, the National Weather Service (NWS) said, after a storm system dubbed Potential Tropical Cyclone One (PTC One) dropped several inches of rain, leaving many motorists stranded.

This video, posted by Miami-Dade Police shortly after noon on Saturday, shows a patrol car driving down a bicycle lane submerged by floodwaters in what police said was the Intracoastal District of Miami-Dade County.

The NWS warned at 11:30 am that the risk for “major flooding” was continuing into the early afternoon as “the last bands associated with PTC One make their way through South Florida.” The wider Miami area was placed under a flood warning until 1 pm, after which the threat was downgraded and a flood advisory was placed in effect up to 2:45 pm.

Almost a foot of rain fell in parts of Florida’s southeastern coast, the NWS reported. Credit: Miami-Dade Police via Storyful

Video transcript