Police Use Drone to Monitor and Apprehend Lockdown Flouters in Southern Italy

Police in Noicattaro, a town in southern Italy, used a drone to monitor the city’s streets for those out and about without a valid reason, according to Mayor Raimondo Innamorato, who promised “no tolerance” for anyone breaking the rules.

“Thanks to the ‘drone’ instrumentation we are identifying the assemblies to quickly intervene … The Local Police are punishing those who roam the country for not having valid (and indifferent) reasons,” wrote Innamorato in a Facebook post.

“The control and monitoring activity will be increasingly incisive/intense! I am receiving phone calls from identified and reported citizens asking for my ‘intercession’ or ‘mediation.’ No ‘mediation’ and NO TOLERANCE for those who don’t stay home! WE STAY HOME AND THIS NIGHTMARE WILL END. I PROMISE YOU!”

As of March 26, Italy has confirmed 80,589 cases of COVID-19 and 8,215 deaths from the illness. Credit: Polizia Locale Noicattaro via Storyful