Police find hair sticking out of vehicle's trunk belonged to mannequin

Police in Christchurch, New Zealand, discovered reported hair hanging out from the back of a driver's trunk belonged to a mannequin head used for hairdresser training. Photo by Taken/Pixabay.com

Nov. 21 (UPI) -- A New Zealand woman received a call from police after she was seen driving with a clump of hair hanging out of the trunk of her car that turned out to be a mannequin head.

Sophie Milne, 26, of Christchurch, said she hadn't realized the hair was hanging out from her trunk for about a week until she was called by police.

Police told Milne they had received multiple calls from concerned citizens who were worried about a potential person trapped in her trunk.

The hair turned out to belong to "Cher," a mannequin head Milne had used for hairdressing training. She said the hair must have been caught in the trunk opening for at least a week, as that was the last time she had opened the back of the vehicle.

"Generally speaking, we can say that we'd always rather people call police if they have any concerns about suspicious behavior or concerns for anyone's safety, so we can make inquiries," a police spokesperson told Stuff.co.nz. "We'd rather it turn out to be nothing than not be notified of something that needed police attention."

Ontario police had a similar sense of relief earlier this year when a dive team was summoned on a report of a body floating in a South Simcoe canal. The reported remains turned out to be a discarded mannequin.