Police Hit With Projectiles During Protest Clashes Outside Downing Street in London

Protesters and police clashed outside Downing Street, with officers peppered with projectiles such as bottles when tensions rose during a Black Lives Matter demonstration on June 3.

Anthony Anidugbelapo-Macarthy was participating in the protest, and he captured this footage as fellow demonstrators and police began wrestling outside Downing Street, which houses the official residence and offices of the British prime minister.

The video footage shows several of the officers attempting to keep the crowd back as the protesters advance forward, wave signs, shout and throw objects at the officers. “Get back,” a voice can be heard repeatedly shouting in the background.

Although the protest was mostly peaceful, there were reports of an officer being punched in the face and several objects being thrown at police as they tried to keep the crowd in check. Other reports said two men were arrested in connection to an assault on an emergency worker. Credit: Anthony Anidugbelapo-Macarthy via Storyful