Police Hunt for Gun Store Burglary Suspect Who Sent Trump Manifesto

Wisconsin police and federal authorities continued a search on Monday, April 10, for a man who stole a number of handguns and rifles and later sent a manifesto to US President Donald Trump.

Authorities are looking for Joseph A. Jakubowski, 32, who they say burglarized the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville, Wisconsin, on April 4. The burglary was reported at about 8:40 pm, and a vehicle registered to Jakubowski was found a short time later.

Police said Friday Jakubowski sent a 161-page manifesto to Trump, according to a report. The document, given to police by one of Jakubowski’s “associates,” was turned over to federal officials. Officials also released a video showing Jakubowski purchasing stamps and mailing a large envelope, which is believed to hold the manifesto, a report said.

Police said in a press release Jakubowski had been “highly agitated recently regarding a variety of political issues.” He had threatened to steal weapons and use them against public officials or at an unspecified school, police said. Schools were notified based on the information.

Jakubowski also expressed anti-religious views in his manifesto, police said in a press release. As a result, police had increased patrols on Sunday near places of worship, though there was no threat against any specific religious group.

Officials had received nearly 425 tips as of Monday morning. The FBI also issued a $10,000 reward for any information leading to Jakubowski’s apprehension. Credit: Rock County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful