Police Hunt for Suspect After Shooting, 'Corrosive Substance' Attack, and Booby Trap

Police in the Czech Republic said they were looking for a “dangerous man” on June 29 after a woman was attacked with a corrosive substance, a police officer was injured by a booby trap set in an apartment, and a person was shot.

Police named the suspect as 66-year-old Jiri Dvorak.

Police alleged Dvorak attacked a woman with a corrosive substance in Central Bohemia and then disappeared.

According to a translation of the police statement, during the search for Dvorak, police officers entered an apartment in Liben, Prague, in which a “booby trap fire system” had been installed on a door, with one of the officers said to have been injured.

On June 29, Czech police posted footage of officers entering a building on Belehradska Street in Prague. Police also said a labor office worker had been shot and that they were hunting for the suspect. Credit: Policie CR via Storyful

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