Police issue cheeky Twitter warning to football fans: 'The plants don't need watering!'

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Police issue cheeky Twitter warning: 'The plants don't need watering!'
Police issue cheeky Twitter warning: 'The plants don't need watering!'

Police in Glasgow have issued a cheeky warning to football fans heading the Scotland v Armenia game at Hampden Park tonight.

The force took to Twitter to urge fans to respect the Southside communities around the stadium by reminding them that "the plants don't need watering".

A picture shows men urinating on hedges outside a tenement building on a residential street.

The tweet read: "Heading to Hampden to watch the Scotland game tonight?

"Enjoy, but remember, the plants don't need watering!

"Please respect our local community."

Urination in the streets is a common problems in neighbours adjacent to the stadium.

We previously reported on the Mount Florida community council hitting out at the anti-social behaviour after matches.

Residents had told of their horror at witnessing men urinating in their streets and private gardens, claiming they were used as "public urinals".

A resident previously told Glasgow Times: “We came home from taking our dog to the park at around three o’clock on Sunday and there were eleven men peeing across from our house and round the corner.

“It was a constant stream of men urinating in the street.

“I would have intervened, but when I’ve said anything in the past I’ve received abuse.

“I did bang my window at a ‘fan’ who was going to pee in my garden, in response I got rudely gesticulated at."

Another resident had said: “We see a big amount of public urination often at closes doors and in people’s gardens.

“Sometimes football fans will even try to gain entry to the closes and people park in the streets despite there being permit requirements."