Dale Cregan: Cop Killer In Secure Hospital

Dale Cregan: Cop Killer In Secure Hospital
Dale Cregan: Cop Killer In Secure Hospital

Convicted police killer Dale Cregan has been sent to maximum-security Ashworth Hospital because of his behaviour, sources say.

One-eyed Cregan, 30, is now in the secure mental hospital - where Moors Murderer Ian Brady is serving his sentence - after being moved from Strangeways jail in Manchester.

He was jailed for life at Preston Crown Court in June for the murders of two unarmed policewomen and a father and son.

The gangster, who had served only minimal time in jail before, was told he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

While in HMP Manchester, Cregan has been kept segregated from other prisoners for fear of reprisals. Reports suggested there is an underworld bounty of £20,000 on his remaining eye.

In protest, Cregan is said to have have started refusing food. He was put in the hospital wing at the jail before his transfer to Ashworth.

A police source said: "His head has gone.

"He can't take it any more, he's not cocky any more, what a difference in attitude.

"He had not been eating and was in healthcare in prison. He was just lying on his bed 24/7, doesn't talk to staff.

"He's not eaten for four weeks, he's gone in the head."

Ashworth Hospital, near Maghull on Merseyside, houses prisoners deemed to be criminally insane.

Cregan lured Pcs Nicola Hughes, 23, and Fiona Bone, 32, to their deaths in a gun and grenade attack last September.

He also killed father and son David and Mark Short in twin attacks earlier in 2012.