Police Move to Disperse Anti-Lockdown Protest in Central London

Police in London, England, detained people as they moved to disperse a large anti-lockdown protest on Saturday, March 20, according to reports from the scene.

Protesters marched from Hyde Park to Westminster, according to reports. Police had warned people not to attend the protests as they were in violation of coronavirus restrictions. Police said those who attended and did not comply with requests to disperse may face “fixed penalty notice or arrest.”

This footage from the scene was taken by Paul Brown. It shows police attempting to disperse protesters and detaining a man. It also shows protesters marching through central London.

In a statement on Twitter, police said officers were “engaging with those gathering around Piccadilly and other areas of central London to protest, explaining that we remain in a public health crisis and urging people to disperse or go home.”

The protests came as 60 MPs joined campaign groups Big Brother Watch and Liberty in signing a letter to the home secretary calling for a change in COVID-19 restrictions to allow protests to take place during lockdown. Credit: Paul Brown Baked Bean Media via Storyful