Police net ‘one of UK’s largest ever hauls of 3D printed guns’ in raid on factory in north west London

 (Met Police)
(Met Police)

Police say they have uncovered one of the UK’s largest collections of 3D printed gun parts in a raid on a factory operating out of a home in north west London.

Two men, one aged in his 20s, the second aged in his 40s, have been arrested on suspicion of firearm offences.

They were interviewed at a north London police station.

The pair have been released on bail until a date in November.

Scotland Yard has said 3D printed guns are becoming an emerging trend on the streets of London. The technology has rapidly advanced in recent years - with plans for printable semi-automatic rifles, carbines and pistols now easily available online.

3D-printed gun designers, mostly based in the US, create and share the plans for these firearms to their thousands of followers on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

3D-printed gun ammuniton discovered (Met Police)
3D-printed gun ammuniton discovered (Met Police)

People can use the blueprints to manufacture a plastic gun using their own 3D printer at home. Gun control activists have spoken out about the dangers that templates could pose.

A Met spokesman said: “We believe this is one of the largest seizures of 3D printed firearm components ever in the UK.

“The components were found during a raid at a home in north west London on Friday, 7 October.

“The raid was part of an operation involving officers from the Met’s ‘Operation Viper’ team, who lead on developing firearms intelligence.”

Commander Paul Brogden said: “This operation demonstrates how we continue to relentlessly target those who attempt to put lethal firearms on the streets of London.

“We found a large number of components that could be used to create weapons and believe 3D printed firearms were being manufactured to sell. This highlights how the emerging threat of 3D firearms continues to evolve”.