Police objecting to premises license bid for rural Over Wyre site over 'rave' fears

Police are objecting to premises licence for Valiants Farm in Out Rawcliffe (Photo: Third party)
Police are objecting to premises licence for Valiants Farm in Out Rawcliffe (Photo: Third party)

Businessman Edgar Wallace wants to obtain a premise licence from Wyre’s licensing committee to enable him to stage a number of events at Valiants Farm on Lancaster Road, Out Rawcliffe.

Mr Wallace, who owns the property, says he has been approached by a number of operators who would like to stage events such as dog shows, horse shows, classic car shows and Christmas events at the site.

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However, concerns have been raised about granting a licence after previous ‘dance raves’ at the site resulted in anti-social behaviour, young people staggering around country lanes at night putting themselves at risk of being run over and the tragic death of a young woman from a drug-related incident.

The site at Valiants farm, Out Rawcliffe (Photo: Third)
The site at Valiants farm, Out Rawcliffe (Photo: Third)

Mr Wallace, in as written statement to the committee, said he had learnt from this incident and it wouldn’t occur again.

The committee is due to meet at the Marine Hall, Fleetwood, on Wednesday November 22, to consider the application.

Nat Cox, of Lancashire Constulary, said in papers: “On behalf of the Police. I wish to formally object to this new licence with concerns around the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, public nuisance, and the protection of children from harm.”

He cited a number of incidents at a dance festival event which was held at the site in July 2021.

He stated: “Following the conclusion of the event, Police received calls expressing concerns relating to persons under the influence of drink or drugs walking away from the venue along unlit country lanes.

"There were also further reports of anti-social behaviour by festivalgoers as they left the area.

“Sadly, a 20-year-old female also died in hospital following a drugs overdose that occurred during her attendance at this festival.”

Residents lodged objections relating to noise and concerns of anti social behaviour.

Mr Wallace stated in documents: “I think there is a misconception that I want to use the premises for large scale music events but that is not the case.”

The applicant wishes to be authorised to provide licensable activities including the sale of alcohol for consumption on and off the premises, between 10am

and 10pm from Sunday to Wednesday and between 10am and 11pm on Thursday to Saturday.

Live and recorded amplified music (both indoors and outdoors) between 10am and 10pm Sunday to Wednesday and between 10am and 11am from Thursday to Saturday.

It would include possible activities such as plays, films, performances of dance, performances similar to live or recorded music.