Police Officer Rescues Driver From Canal in Cape Coral, Florida

A police officer in Cape Coral, Florida, rescued a driver from her car after she drove her vehicle into a canal during the early hours of Tuesday, November 29, according to a post on the Cape Coral Police Department’s Facebook page.

The post said an officer from the department promptly jumped into the canal and rescued the female from the sinking vehicle.

Footage shared on the department’s Facebook page shows officers rescuing the woman from the car before tending to her on the ground. Credit: Cape Coral Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript


- Give me-- give me-- give me [INAUDIBLE]. Give me the light. Shine the light here.



- Try the back window. Try the back--


- Hey, try to get out.



- [GRUNTS] Grab her! Grab her.

- I got her. I got her.





- [INAUDIBLE], female is out of the vehicle. [BREATHES HEAVILY]


- Is there anybody else in the car?

- No, there's nobody else in the car but me. It's just me.


- Oh, my car.

- Well, I'm glad you like--

- It's just a car.

- Anyone else in the vehicle?

- No, there's nobody else but me. It's just me.

- What's your name, ma'am?

- My [INAUDIBLE] is Jasmine.

- OK. Are you hurting at all?

- No, I'm just scared.

- OK.

- My car.

- You good, dude?


- No.

- Where do you live?


- Good work, bro.


- What are you doing down here?

- I'm going to my boyfriend's.

- That's yours.