Police officer says friend accused him of rape after he said sex was ‘mistake’

A police officer accused of raping a friend has told a court that the alleged victim accused him of rape after he told her the “consensual sex” had been a “mistake”.

PC Ravi Canhye, who serves with Dorset Police, is alleged to have behaved like an “animal” as he slapped and bit the woman before pinning her down and raping her.

He then threatened to abuse her with his truncheon and a vodka bottle, Winchester Crown Court has heard.

The 47-year-old, from Poole, is on trial facing two charges of rape, one count of attempted rape, three charges of assault of penetration and one of sexual assault against one woman.

These offences are alleged to have taken place between April 8 and 11, 2022.

He also faces an offence of the sexual assault of a second woman on April 10, 2022.

Ravi Canhye court case
Pc Ravi Canhye, from Poole, serves with Dorset Police (Andrew Matthews/PA)

The defendant said that he talked to the first complainant two days later who “with a smile on her face” asked him: “What was that all about then?” which he said was referring to the “brief sexual encounter” that they had.

He said: “I am sorry, it was never meant to happen, I see you as a friend and it was a mistake.”

Canhye said that she then showed him photographs of her breasts, which had bruises on them and said to him “look what you did to me”.

He said that he replied: “I am sorry about this” and told the court: “I said ‘I didn’t realise it was like this, I am sorry about what happened’.”

Canhye said: “She was expecting something more” and added that the complainant then said to him: “I could take this further.”

He said: “I do not know if she wanted to get a reaction from me.”

He added: “I certainly didn’t rape her.”

The court has heard that Canhye has a drinking problem and he would drink to cope with his anxiety and depression and to help him sleep.

PC Ravi Canhye is on trial at Winchester Crown Court (Alamy/PA)
PC Ravi Canhye is on trial at Winchester Crown Court (Alamy/PA)

The defendant said that on the day after the alleged rape, the complainant and his friend arrived at his home when he was sleeping in bed while “sweating and in a state”.

He said that the first complainant decided to go to a shop to buy him some alcohol while the second complainant sat on a chair next to the sofa where he was lying down, recovering from his previous drinking.

He said she put a flannel on his head to cool him down while he rested his hand on her calf.

Canhye denies that he sexually assaulted the second complainant who accuses him of putting his hand up her skirt.

He said the first complainant arrived a while later with a small bottle of vodka for him and they both left a while later.

The defendant denies all the charges and the trial continues.