Police officer steps on 'noisy twig' at the worst moment - but redeems himself with a 'gazelle-like' rugby tackle

PC stalking suspect stands on twig at the worst moment - but rugby tackle saves his reputation
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An officer had a minor mishap in Halifax Town Centre earlier this week when a noisy twig alomst scuppered his chances of catching a wanted man.

Two West Yorkshire Police officers were on parole on Wednesday, May 29, when they spotted a man who was wanted for multiple offences including robbery, two breaches of a non-molestation order, two breaches of court bail and with a warrant out for his arrest..

Armed in their hi-vis stab vests, the officers had to play it carefully as not to alert the man of their presence. Unfortunately, as they approached, one of the officers happened to step on a particularly noisy twig - alerting the man and prompting him to run.

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Thankfully, PC Cowie managed to save the day (and his reputation) with a perfectly timed rugby tackle. The man in question is now in custody.

Taking to the official West Yorkshire Police Facebook account, officers shared the tale. The light-hearted post reads: "This afternoon officers have been on the lookout for wanted people in the Town centre when they spotted a male wanted for robbery, breach of a non-molestation order x 2, breach of Court bail x 2 and on a Court warrant.

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"PC's Cowie and Wild saw their prey from afar.....however, at a bit of a disadvantage in bright yellow stab vests had to hold off.....and like a stealthy predator stalk him until they could get closer.....close enough to pounce.

"Unfortunately, I think PC Cowie stood on a noisy twig and the prey ran.....PC Cowie was nearly in for a bun fine (See the Police Cakes Offences Act 2018 for details). HOWEVER like a gazelle he was after him, and performed a beautiful rugby tackle, timed to perfection. Male in custody. Bravado restored. No buns tonight."

Of course it wasn't long until the post racked up comments from the public, who seemed to find the whole thing largely amusing. One social media user, Joanne Michelle, responded: "Absolutely brilliant effort!! Very amusingly put too!"

Jason Moorhouse wrote: "Ha ha...love these updates", whilst Carol Wells applauded: "Yayyyyy. Well done!", Sally Richmond agreed: "Brilliant! Another rat off our streets."